These software applications are for Nokia mobile phone and can be bought from http://www.ovi.com.

1) EnglishThaiDict. It is an English to Thai dictionary containing more than 18,000 English words with translation in Thai.  User can input a partial word such as “welc” instead of “welcome” to find its translation.  The application also displays the next two words.  User can input in either uppercase or lowercase letter or mixed.

2) ThaiEnglishDict. It is a Thai to English dictionary containing more than 22,000 Thai-English words.

3) EngThaiEngDict. It is an English Thai English dictionary which can automatically detect an English or a Thai input and translates into the target language. It contains more than 18,000 English-Thai words and 22,000 Thai-English words including some well-known proper nouns and verb idioms.

4) EnglishThaiDictT  is the same as EnglishThaiDict except it is designed for touch screen phone.

5) EngThaiEngT is the same as EngThaiEngDict except it is designed for touch screen phone.


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