Board game

IsolaOne is an one player board game. The board has 7X7 squares. The game starts with the enemy in a random square. Your challenge of the play is to entrap the enemy in fewest moves.

ConnectFour is a two player board game for you to play against a robot. The board has 8 columns and 7 rows. Each player takes turn in putting a disc into a column. Who forms a line of four consecutive discs win. The line of four consecutive discs can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

PegSolitaireDia  is a variant of Peg Solitaire with a diamond shape board

PegSolitaireEuro is a European version of Peg Solitaire.

PegSolitaire is a board game for one player. The board is filled with pegs except for the central hole. A player starts playing the game by jumping a peg across its adjacent peg in the same row or same column to an empty hole next to the adjacent peg. The jumped over peg is taken out. The objective of the play it to take out all pegs on the board except the final one. However if you make a wrong move, there may be more than one pegs left at the end of the play.

LotteryUSAGame simulates the playing of USA lottery. Playing this game will help you understand more on how to play the USA lottery.

DuelMe is a high tech duel for the future. People will be protected with a 180 degree frontal shield which no shooting can penetrate. To shoot an opponent, the shooting has to be reflected and hit the opponent from behind. So play this game to prepare you for the new kind of duel.