Just release July 2012

Gin Rummy is a card game with object to form melds which are three or four cards of the same rank (such as 7-7-7, or a run of three or more cards of consecutive rank in the same suit (such as 8-7-6-5 of heart) . Ace is counted as one. All face cards are counted as 10. Other cards are counted as their face value. The beauty of this game is to play against a robot, and you have an option to see how it plays.

When the game ends, the player with minimum points of non-meld cards win.


You are assigned as the dealer for the first game. You deal the first card face down to your opponent and then one card to yourself until each player has 10 cards, then the next card face up on the table, and the remaining pack face down on the table as stock cards


The non dealer first has the option to take the up card or pass, if pass then you has the option to take the up card or pass. If a player takes the up card, he/she has to discard one card face up from his/her hand onto the table. On successive play, each player has an option to either take the latest up card or a face down card from the stock and then discard one card face up from its hand covering the last face up card on the table.


When a player holds less than than 10 points of deadwood (cards not part of a meld) after discarding, he is eligible to “knock” to end the game and both players show down their hands. A player with a lower points of all deadwood cards in his/her hand earn the score of the difference of deadwood points between the two hands. If the knocker wins and has no deadwood in its hand, he/she wins an additional bonus score of 25. If the non-knocker wins he/she earn an “undercut” bonus score of 25. The game is a draw if each player has equal deadwood points or neither one can “knock” and there are only two cards left in the stock cards.

Who wins a game becomes the dealer of the next game. When a player has a total score reaching the match limit, the match ends.

\nTo play the game:-

    1. On the Welcome page, you click the See Opp’s Play menu option to see how the robotic opponent play its hand. Otherwise you either click Start Match 100, Start Match 200, or Start Match 300 for a match with score limit at 100, 200, and 300 respectively.
    2. You are assigned as the dealer in the first game.
    3. The robotic player will either pass or take up the first face up card. If it takes the the face up card, it discards a card from its hand face up to the table.
    4. If the robotic player passes the first face up card, you have the option to take it by clicking the Take Up-Card menu option, or pass it by clicking the Pass First Up-Card. If you take the up-card, you have to discard one card from your hand by first input the card number from 1 to 10 and then click the menu option Drop Card
    5. It’s then your opponent’s turn to play. When it’s your turn again, this time you has an option to either take one card from the face up pile or the face down stock cards by clicking menu option Take Up-Card or Take Down-Card.
    6. When you have deadwood cards total point less than 10 points after discarding one card, you then input the card number to discard ( 1-11) and then click menu option Drop & Knock to knock, or you can keep on playing by clicking menu option Drop Card.
    7. The system will calculate and display the deadwood and score of each hand and the total score of the match so far. You then click menu option Next to play next hand.
    8. To play a new game option, click menu option Home to go the Welcome page and then click a new menu option.

BragPoker is a Draw Brag poker game. It’s a Brag card game with poker style betting.

Before the deal each player place compulsory bet, called the small and big “blinds”. After the deal there is a poker-like betting round with fixed bets. Then each player can discard from zero to three cards and is dealt replacement cards, after which there is a second betting round.

Players do not have to look at the cards they are dealt, and so long as the play without seeing their cards they may call for half price. However in this game it assumes that both players see their own cards.

To play the game:-

1.1) You are assigned as the “dealer” in the first hand.

1.2) Your opponent posts an amount of money called “big blind” which is set at 20 chips in this application, you post a “small blind” which is half of the big blind or 10 chips in this application.

1.3) Three cards are dealt face down to each player.

1.4) The dealer will start betting and followed by the opponent. The betting will stop when everyone has a chance to bet and there is no outstanding amount to be covered.

1.4.1) You can fold, or call, or check, or raise, or all-in by clicking or pressing the right menu option.

1.5) Each player starting from the non dealer can stay put or change any or all of the three cards.

1.5.1) If you do not want to change any card, you do not need to input the text box.

1.5.2) If you want to change card 1,2 starting from you left side, you input 12 into the text box.

1.5.3) If you want to change all the three cards, you input 123 into the text box.

1.5.4) Then you click or press menu option “Change card”

1.6) After the changing the cards, then another round of betting.

1.7) After the betting stop, the player next to the dealer will show his cards. The player with the best poker hand will be the winner and take all the money in the table pot. In case of draw, the pot will be split.

1.8) In the case of betting with all-in, the winner will take money from the table pot according to his/her all-in amount. If there is any remaining money in the pot, it will be returned to the loser.

1.9) During the betting, if a player choose to “Fold”, the other player will win the pot.

2) Card ranking.

A card consists of a suit and a rank. The suit is either a spade, a heart, a diamond, or a club. The rank runs from ace(A), king(K), queen(Q), jack(J) , 10 and down to 2. An ace(A) ranks highest and 2 ranks lowest. Cards with same rank of different suits are equal .

The rankings of the 5 cards from highest to lowest are as follow:-

2.1) Prial. Three same rank cards. The best is 333 then AAA,KKK,…222.

2.2) Running flush. Running card with same suit. The best is 32A, then AKQ …432.

2.3) Run. Three running cards in any suit. The best is 32A, then AKQ…432.

2.4) Flush. Three cards with same suit. The best is AKJ…532.

2.5) Pair. Rank from AAK to 223.

2.6) High card. Rank from AKJ to 532.

RedDogPoker is a Red Dog Poker or Yablon casino card game. This game use a deck of 52 cards. Ace is counted as one. Jack, Queen, and King is counted as 11,12, and 13 respectively. The game proceeds as follow.

1.1) You play against the house dealer.

1.2) Two cards are dealt face down to you and one card is dealt face down to the dealer.

1.3) You place an Ante bet by clicking or pressing at the Bet1, Bet2, or Bet5 menu option and then see your two cards. You decide to fold or raise by placing an additional bet amount twice the amount of the ante bet.

1.4) You fold by clicking or pressing the menu option Fold. You raise by clicking or pressing the menu option Raise.

1.5) In the case of Fold, you lose the ante bet to the dealer.

1.6) In the case of Raise, the dealer’s card is revealed, and there is a showdown indicating if you win or lose. The win/lose rules are as follow :-

1.6.1) If your two cards are in consecutive order, the hand is a push and you take your wager back.

1.6.2) If your two cards are a pair of same value and the dealer card is also the same value. The hand is a Three-of-a-Kind and you are paid 11 to 1.

1.6.3) If your two cards are a pair of same value and the dealer card is not the same value. The hand is a Pair and is a push. You take your wager back.

1.6.4) If your two cards are different value and the dealer card’s is in between, you get paid according to the following rule. If your two cards can only have one card in between you get paid 5:1. If your two cards can have two cards in between you get paid 4:1. If your two cards can have three cards in between you get paid 2:1. If your two cards can have four or more cards in between you get paid 1:1.

1.6.5) If your two cards are different value and the dealer card’s is not in between, you lose.