1) OurText enables you to create your own version of language. It ciphers a plain text into a new form of text which is only understood by those who know the ciphering rule. OurText has nine ciphering rules for you to choose. For example the word “beautiful” can be transformed into “lufituaeb”, or “ebuaitufl”, etc. This transformed text should be unreadable by outsiders who may see your text while you are reading it. For new user who is not acquainted with the ciphered text, you can use the Decipher option of OurText to convert the ciphered text into plain text. In order to use OurText easily,  your Nokia mobile phone should have the copy and paste function, otherwise you will need to manually copy the ciphered text for example to an email body. OurText has a desktop version called OurTextD which run on desktop computer, and it is on sale in http://www.payloadz.com.

2) TextSafe helps safeguard your valuable date by encryption. It uses an algorithm called Key Dynamic Character Substitution Encryption System (KDCSES) which was invented by the developer of TextSafe. It is easy to use and produces a very highly effective text encryption versus other encryption systems. Your mobile phone should be able to copy the encrypted text and paste it to other document. It has a twin version for desktop computer called TextSafeD. You can purchase TextSafeD in http://www.payloadz.com.

3) DecipherGame is to experience you with text deciphering. It ciphers a block of plain text  of maximum length 48 characters into a ciphered text for you to decipher. You can play with a friend or by yourself. You can input a plain text for the application to cipher and then let a friend decipher it. Or you play the game by deciphering a ciphered text generated by the application. The game has two levels of ciphering difficulty with various ciphering techniques. DecipherGame has options which help player to play the game. It has a Replay option to play the same ciphered text, an Undo option to undo the deciphering step, a Show option to display the answer.

4) BlackHole will encrypt your confidential data so that no one can understand. You may have a need to store some confidential data in your mobile phone. Without BlackHole someone who can access your mobile phone may see all the confidential data. BalckHole encrypts both the password and the confidential data before storing it in its file. Examples of data which should be encrypted before storing them are credit card number, bank account number and password, etc.


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